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Sourcing and Procurement
Sourcing and Procurement
                                          Our one-stop shopping service

Ranging from select suppliers and production quality control to warehousing and transportation arrangements .Our tailor-made solutions meet the needs of every customer, therefore, achieving an easy and convenient procurement in China

One-stop shopping service is a complete Chinese buying solution. It includes product procurement, factory validation, price negotiation, quality control, order follow-up,transportation management and more. We will handle everything in China until you receive the goods.


The one-stop shopping service steps include:

Step 1
(1) Receiving Requirements: You send us product details or purchasing requirements. We research the product details according to the requirements and find a supplier solution to prepare for the next step.
(2) Find and match suppliers: Find, review and match no less than 5 quality suppliers according to product requirements.
You will receive feedback within 24 hours and get a quote within 48 hours.

Step 2
Confirm product details and transaction details: discuss and confirm product specifications, quantities, packaging methods, payment terms and other processes. We will negotiate the price with the supplier and after confirming the price, we will arrange a sample for your approval.

Step 3
Place an order, place an order at the buyer's request and follow the production plan. In the production process, our professional quality engineers carry out product inspections according to ISO 9000 throughout the production process, and you will receive regular reports on quality and completion status. We help you take control of the entire process.

Step 4
(1)Production monitoring and risk management: During the production, our experienced engineers will strictly carry out production monitoring and risk management, and gradually inspect the entire production process, including key components and materials, run your requirements, randomly select products for spot-check, identify and eliminate product defects. This quality control inspection helps to correct error problems in early stage of production, ensuring that your product meets your requirements and ensure on-time delivery.
(2)Pre-shipment inspection: When 80% of the goods are completed, we will arrange the final pre-shipment inspection. We check the goods: function, performance, durability, overall appearance and size. Our pre-shipment inspections give you peace of mind ensuring that your goods are high quality for import.

Step 5
We manage shipments, provide import documents, make shipping documents, invoices and other related documents to ensure the safe export of products.

Once the product requirements are agreed, we will complete the remaining work, including procurement, order processing, production monitoring, quality control, freight support, communications and more.

The challenges of buying in China:

1.Scams And Frauds
Some supplier use fake business document to cheat customers. They carry on fraudulent business to take your money and disappear.


2. Language barriers and poor communication
This is the most common problem when dealing with Chinese suppliers. Many Chinese suppliers do not have English-speaking employees internally, which leads to feedback during the production process or respond to your inquiry are very slowly and not professional.

3. Poor quality, late in delivery
The quality of products is often not match the quality of the confirmed samples and cannot meet your quality requirements. Manufacturers may also have multiple errors in design and production, resulting in late delivery times, which are also common problems.

4. High order quantity & price requirement
When you buy directly chat with a Chinese supplier, the factory often asks for a much higher order quantity (MOQ) than your production plan, or the price of each product far exceeds your budget. Higher MOQ and unit prices are in the interest of the manufacturer, it is also a very common problem in purchasing in China.


Our solution:

1. Factory audit and authentic assessment
We will conduct an actual review of the supplier's authenticity, production capacity and provide a comprehensive business report on its business license, complete information on official documents, registration details, current photographs and documented reports about the industry including workplaces, warehouses, production lines, laboratory equipment business life, credit report and annual income and so on.

2. Professional language customer service support
Efficient communication is the key to the success of the manufacturing industry. Our well-trained customer service will communicate effectively with you and suppliers, professional feedback production in a timely and break communication barriers in the production process.

3. Quality control and product inspection
It is important for professional Chinese representatives to monitor the production of your orders and control the quality of products. Our job is to ensure that the entire product production process, from raw material procurement, production monitoring, and quality control to final inspection, all meets your requirements and delivers high quality goods on time.

4. Negotiation
Benefiting from our 10 years of industry experience and a deep understanding of the Chinese communication culture, our local Chinese employees have mastered the art of negotiating with suppliers. In your Chinese procurement process, we can always offer better prices and lower MOQ.

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