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The knowledge Of China Sourcing Agent Fees

                             The knowledge Of China Sourcing Agent Fees

As well known that, China is famous of "world factory", and purchasing from China has become the best choice of most business owner. An experienced China sourcing agents usually have their own quality control system, and they solve your difficulties in logistics, negotiation and other aspects. Usually, China's sourcing service fees are particularly transparent and no secret charges. With the help of China sourcing agents, the potential for minimizing costs is huge, also the quality of the products can be guaranteed.

Normally ,a specific percentage of the entire purchase amount is charged as service fee. But agents will offer free service to attract customers,
while getting a very low commission of about 1-3%. In fact they won't let you contact the supplier directly or deceive you, which usually has communication problems and quality control issues. Please note that no company can survive with less than 4% service commission.

Purchasing agents must spend a lot of time on selecting suppliers, audit supplier, price negotiation, sample follow-up, quality control, export shipping, and etc. Sometimes it is necessary to go to the factory on site, especially for new products that last for a year or even longer. Therefore, if you get a free and less than 4% quote, then basically the commission will be hidden. I believe that there is no sourcing agent can be survive with a 1-3% commission in China.

We focus on the procurement agents service that help our customer's business grow up fast. We only charge reasonable service fees and there are no other secret charges. We mainly offer the following services for you to choose from:

(a) One-stop sourcing services: including procurement, quality control, shipping, order follow-up, etc. All import and export processes are followed by us.
(b) Logistics services:provide reasonable price of air freight, sea freight, express service, let you choose.
(c) Brand customization services:customized production of your brand.
(d) Quality control services: pre-production inspection,during production inspection, pre-shipment inspection and container loading inspection.
(e) Import and export support: China visit, import and export documents, audit suppliers, Taobao purchasing and so on.

These service charges will be based on working hours at a rate of $30 per hour or based on the order amount, 4-7% of the order amount rate.

If you want to start your business in China, a reliable agent is necessary. Regardless any country in the word , sourcing services occur in the business of most importers. Professional and reliable agents can find the best price for you. They strictly control the quality of your products, audit the suppliers, avoid fraud, arrange the logistics of goods, and let you receive the goods quickly and safely.

If you want to buy goods from China, plan to ship products to your country, or want to audit suppliers, control quality, avoid commercial fraud and etc. You can contact us directly to eliminate all import and export barriers.

Want to know more about Guangzhou Jhon's service pricing? Please send an enquiry to .Or contact Whatsapp: +86-18620473376. We will respond to you within 7 hour.

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