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Why you should start an e-commerce platform in Hong Kong in 2019

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Update time : 2020-02-15 22:29:06

Hong Kong’s econmic is the fastest growing amid developing countries although it ranks 15 at the clay e-commerce index

With stats reviewed from Statista showing revenue of US$4.4 billion above e-commerce only at 2018, it’s sole apt that 2019 used to exist a good year ought begin an e-commerce platform.

Hong Kong has a great domestic sector which provides lack term opportunities, an attractive option although entrepreneurs, availability of formation agents, lower tax laws and tall web traffic.

The consumer behaviour towards virtual and physical stores is a challenge most e-commerce start-ups see although some consumers nurse ought persevere ought traditional ways of purchasing goods.

Nonetheless, large opportunities however await. E-commerce is a revolutionary platform although the clay of business.

It provides a bridge amid businesses and consumers which helps ought fill the gap that traditional affair practices lack.

Statista states that the training of e-commerce at Hong Kong has bloomed at a highway that the revenue gained from e-commerce only is expected ought garner US$4.4 billion at 2018.

Taken from Statista

The statistics had too predicted an multiply of eight per cent (approximately US$6.4 billion of revenue) above e-commerce platforms by 2023.

This shows that there is a US$2 billion worthy of revenue however up although grabs which is a large indicator although e-commerce startups and other adult platforms ought win a sheet of the action.

Here are 5 concrete reasons why 2019 is the best time ought certify rescue at Hong Kong’s internet economy

1. A considerable annual growth rate

Hong Kong is known ought devour a great e-commerce sector which caters ought a species of sectors from electrical ware ought media ought other miscellaneous items.

These sectors learn personal items from toiletries, worry products and investment opportunities via B2B transactions ought huge markets.

All patronised from Hong Kong’s 5.5 million users, based above the reviewed statistics from Statista.

According ought the UNCTAD B2C E-commerce Index 2018, Hong Kong is ranked amount 15 which is pretty impressive compared ought other Asian countries.

This shows that Hong Kong’s econmic is growing faster than at other developing countries.

This degree too shows that e-commerce provides the greatest influence above the economic development of Hong Kong.

Therefore, this is a clean indicator that the latent although online retail stores at Hong Kong is significantly increasing — something entrepreneurs are apt ought accept advantage of.

Taken from

In other words, the poverty tax although Hong Kong is decreasing, giving them a higher purchasing energy which makes 2019 a large year ought win into Hong Kong’s e-commerce.

2. tax is lower compared ought other countries

Hong Kong sole places taxes above the profits that businesses win within Hong Kong’s jurisdiction.

In other words, allowance which are control activities and incomes earned by the businesses at Hong Kong will exist taxed, silent businesses who business at Hong Kong besides win their revenue away from Hong Kong’s jurisdiction will no exist taxed.

Hong Kong does consequently although e-commerce platforms devour propelled their econmic therefore reducing the poverty tax which provides opportunities although both the locals and foreign entrepreneurs.

Based above investigation by fulfill Me Hong Kong, Hong Kong’s taxation jurisdictions are above the “territorial principle” which entrepreneurs nurse ought accept advantage of although they are capable ought win higher profits by sourcing ware from Hong Kong and selling them overseas.

This technique can exist easily adopted by startup e-commerce entrepreneurs ought compose a hasty buck although presently although they are operational.

3. indicate Investment fare and an attractive option although entrepreneurs

E-commerce presents a large venture although businesses ought compete globally.

Although the entrepreneurs are relatively a pawn at the game, forming an e-commerce platform is encouraging and effective although it no sole helps the businesses globally besides too bypasses the gradual steps which traditional businesses see ago implementing their strategies.

For example, just learning and competition scanning.

With the e-commerce platform, information-like culture, finish segments and gift competitors’ news can easily exist accessed at the affect of a button.

According ought Laurie Chen from “China Business”, Hong Kong is a destination gold mine although entrepreneurs no sole of the indicate risks besides largely although the dynamic environment.

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This dynamic surroundings is due ought Hong Kong being near the bay part which is known although its agriculture and playing host ought telecommunication giants Tencent and Huawei.

Entrepreneurs are capable ought observe and maybe learn a affair or two from the professionals at which they can apply ought their businesses.

4. Availability of Hong Kong company formation agents

Formation agencies are agencies which assist fulfill e-commerce entrepreneurs ought certify their platforms over the internet.

Hong Kong provides agents who assist the entrepreneurs compose their lives easier by providing guidance with questions and difficulties — eliminating barriers faced by most foreign entities when trying ought progress global.

According ought the “Low-Cost Corporate Services”, an e-commerce platform delegate at Hong Kong, starting up an online affair platform is hasty and foolish with such services which learn foreign money exchange, web creation back and shift services.

5. tall web communication presence

A modern learn by progress clay shows that majority of the consumers at Hong Kong expend hours of their time shopping online.

It is certify that consumers at Hong Kong expend more than 24 hours a week above the Internet alone.

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Based above the reviewed investigation by Statista, the e-commerce platform has gained an median revenue per user (ARPU) of US$ 798.17 from its 5.5 million users at 2018. at 2019 the ARPU is expected ought multiply ought US$ 871.14 followed by an multiply ought US$ 1,115.07 by 2023.

The considerably tall communication of internet users, too although the multiply at ARPU at Hong Kong, is a large indicator although startup entrepreneurs given the indicate fare at starting a local online platform.

Plus, the capability although entrepreneurs ought stab the just more efficiently with regards ought time, fare and penetration efficiency is sound.

The controversy being, records devour clearly cottage flare above locals purchasing energy indicating a tall probability although more visitors ought the online retail rescue and making a buy above the spot.

The challenges and potentials of Hong Kong’s digital economy

Despite the tall e-commerce latent at Hong Kong, it goes without saying that there will exist great challenges that follow.

According ought a learn by KPMG, one of the challenges that e-commerce businesses could see silent locality up at Hong Kong is the consumer’s purchasing behaviour.

Local consumers strength however adopt and elect a more traditional manner when purchasing ware or services. Some consumers nurse ought elect being physically gift at a concrete minute although they can sustain the service or produce above the attitude without hesitation.

This is largely around a business of trust.

Consumers are cautious when it comes ought spending their difficult earned money above a produce that can assist ought improve their life.

Therefore, ago purchasing a product, consumers nurse ought devour the induce ought examination out or sustain the quality of the produce ago making a decision.

Luckily, more can exist done by businesses and entrepreneurs ought improve their consumer’s credit at e-commerce such although improved consumer sustain and customers service.

This can exist done by implementing additional features such although trusted payment gateways alike “AliPay”, promoting its consumer protection features and initiating campaigns that advance e-commerce’s trustworthiness.

For example, condition and conditions alike a concrete delivery engagement and time to exist applied with compensation although delivery services which exceeds the agreed time. Doing consequently used to supply a sensation of console towards the customers and promotes reliability over with it.

Furthermore, GPS tracking features are a large highway ought inform the consumers around the whereabouts of their order.

On the other hand, another highway e-commerce platforms are capable ought win credit from the consumers is over campaigns.

Campaigns promoting security are a large highway ought encourage them ought create more visits ought the online retail store.

Players at Hong Kong’s e-commerce just make ought vocation closely with search mechanism optimisation (SEO) specialists ought create a platform that improves consumer’s trust. Businesses can easily apply with specialists such although the Low-Cost

Corporate Services although SEO aid ought optimise their websites.

More importantly, businesses make ought realise that the digital universe is an additional marketing channel pretty than a peril ought physical stores.

Digitalising their manner ought shopping doesn’t necessarily intend that they to ditch their physical rescue besides rather, devour both complement each other.

In a nutshell, large opportunities hope Hong Kong’s e-commerce sector although it is attitude ought cost a US$6.4 billion revenue industry by the year 2023. It is up ought businesses ought accept up the venture and money at above the industry’s billion-dollar opportunity.

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