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GZJhon Trade Co,.Ltd  support our client who need to find
                                                                            manufacturers make purchases,logistic,negotiated price or expand their business in China.


                                                                                                                         1. Our services   

                              Sourcing and Procurement
Our strict operating processes ensure quality products are bought at the best price and timely delivery, reducing the risk in import & export process and safeguard your assets.
As a professional sourcing agent, we help private business owners, small and medium-sized companies or brand owners to source and purchase products from China, ranging from daily-use products to consumer electronics to mechanical engineering products.
With more than 10 years of foreign trade experience, Guangzhou Jhon has become a China leading sourcing company in various industries.

                                          OEM service
As an OEM service provider, Guangzhou Jhon has a number of stable manufacturing plants for many years and has a very strong engineering and R&D team. Our OEM products include consumer electronics, LED lighting, daily-use products, cosmetics, clothing, shoes, medical equipment, automobile accessories, furniture and etc.
We can provide professional OEM solutions for our customers from the entire product life cycle of concept design, manufacturing and after-sales service. Helping companies or private business owners to customize or purchase quality products of their own brands in China through our one-stop product OEM service.

                                          Logistics and freight
As a professional freight forwarder, we provide safe and efficient transportation and logistics solutions at very competitive prices. Whether you need air, sea, express or any other export service, our experienced staff will help you get the safest and most professional freight forwarding service.

                                               Quality control and inspection
Guangzhou Jhon has leading quality control and compliance services, and we work with private business owners, small and medium-sized companies or brand owners around the world to ensure, manage and optimize their product supply chain.
Quality control is an essential part of importing products from China. We implement a rigorous supplier audit program and product quality control practices. Detailed inspection services include pre-shipment inspection, work in process inspection and container packing order consolidation.

                                              Document and China import support
In order to make the process of importing goods from China more convenient, Guangzhou Jhon provide any documents required for import and export for customers. We can help you to get most of the documents which is necessary from China (such as CE, embassy legalization, environmental protection certificates, Fumigation-cert and so on), rder to make the process of importing goods from China more convenient
Also we aim to so lve client's import barriers (there are common or uncommon problems, difficulties will appear in the process of import and export.) We are experienced and always provide solutions for you.

                                                    Traveling arrangement
We will advise you on the best time to visit China and arrange your schedule to suit your travel needs. We can also organize your business invitations.
If you prefer, we can do a brief research of the products you are interested in to ensure that you don't spend your money  and time on futile travel.
- For this research and consultation, it is free.


  Our one-stop shopping service

One-stop shopping service is a complete Chinese buying solution. It includes product procurement, factory validation, price negotiation, quality control, order follow-up,transportation management and more. We will handle everything in China until you receive the goods.

Ranging from select suppliers and production quality control to warehousing and transportation arrangements .Our tailor-made solutions meet the needs of every customer, therefore, achieving an easy and convenient procurement in China.

                  2. Why most client need a China sourcing agents and our advantages?

For many client who hopes to have a worldwide supplier and grow without causing extremely financial stress, a sourcing agent is an important part of their business operations. China is a big source market of outstanding products with low costs, in the mean while trading with Chinese factories can be complicated.
Follow are the basic reasons why most client need a China sourcing agents include:
(1)Scams and Frauds
Some supplier use fake business document to cheat customers. They carry on fraudulent business to take your money and disappear. China sourcing agent can ensures all the information client gets is valid. More particularly, the sourcing agent can will conduct an actual review of the supplier's authenticity, production capacity and provide a comprehensive business report on its business license, complete information on official documents, registration details, current photographs and documented reports about the industry including workplaces, warehouses, production lines, laboratory equipment business life, credit report and annual income and so on. Therefore, the buyer would not puzzled by get the misrepresented or false descriptions from the supplier.
(2) Language barriers and poor communication
An excellent sourcing agent is with fluent English speaking and understanding, they offer an easier communication and professional language support. They can work extremely hard in the interest of the buyer to communicate effectively with their suppliers, professional feedback production in a timely and break communication barriers in the production process, help client easily access suppliers at all times, also enhancing the business relationship with the provider.
(3) Poor quality, late in delivery
Having a good sourcing agent means a superior quality control. They can get deep into the industries to help buyer has a superior control of the delivery, production, and after-sale service. China agent can ensure from raw material procurement, production monitoring, and quality control to final inspection, all meets the buyer’s requirements and delivers high quality goods on time.
(4)Complicated in negotiation and dealing accident
As sourcing is more complex than the most people think, particularly when various products, suppliers, and shipments are included.  The complicated negotiation and accident will makes buyer pay more costs when trading with manufacturers.
Most sourcing agents have been in the business for years, they have a great business relationship with supplier, excellent negotiating and dealing accident skill. They able to offer buyer correct products and suppliers, handle any problem, and predict accurate delivery time. They can help you handle all issue in China and save your time and money.
The work of the best China sourcing agent is reliable. They can dealing all issue good in the process of import from China. Therefore, you need a China sourcing agent to help you ensure your business performing smooth and safe. With the help of agent, you would be able to avoid many accidents & troubles and save your time and money.


                                                    Why choose Guangzhou John?

We are a Chinese purchasing agent, not a trading company; we do not charge any commission to the supplier, so you can get the lowest price at any time; everything is transparent, you can contact the supplier directly to understand anything you want  know.

Save time and money
We handle all the work for you.
Get better prices and lower order quantities.
The purchasing agent is on standby for 7 * 24 hours
Consolidate all communication with suppliers.
Reliable and professional service
Make sure your product goes to your warehouse
Fully transparent: you can control all our behavior
Fully transparent: no hidden fees, no rebates
Will not reveal your design and products

                                            3. The source of supply we can provide

1.Cosmetic sources                       2.Clothes sources                                                     3.Glasses sources                      4.Furniture sources
5.Hotel articles sources                6.Leather, leather bags, belts etc sources              7.Watch sources                         8.Toy sources

Clothes sources  


 Cosmetic sources                                                                                 Glasses sources

Furniture sources

Hotel articles sources                                                                             Leather, leather bags, belts etc sources

Watch sources                                                                                            Toy sources

                                    4. Common import and export problems and solutions

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